GP referral (Mental Health Care Plan)

Fee: The cost of a 50-60 min consultation with Paula Keating is $140.

Medicare Rebate:  $88.25

Sessions available:

Your GP will initially provide you with a Mental Health Care Plan for 6 visits and after 6 visits or 6 months have elapsed that Plan will be reviewed by your GP where you may be eligible for an additional 4 visits. (10 sessions per calendar year)

Self-referral (Private clients)

Fee: The cost of a 50-60 min consultation with psychologist, Paula Keating is $140.

Private Health: Check with your Private Health Provider – some plans cover counselling with a psychologist. This cannot be used in combination with a Mental Health Care Plan.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

 Many employers have an EAP provider as an employee entitlement.   Check with your employer if they have an EAP.  You may be able to access face-to-face counselling with Paula Keating, with the cost covered by your employer. Usually your provider will allow 4 to 6 sessions. This will need to be arranged prior to your session.

Other programs and services are available, please enquire if you have a specific query.